11th Apr 2013

*NEW ROLL “Cat Woman”

*NEW ROLL! we’ve been working hard on this one but we’re proud to announce our newest roll. THE CAT WOMAN! *eel, tamago, crunchy (inside), avocado, cucumber topped with amazing spicy...

11th Apr 2013


*NEW ROLL! ok everyone has always asked where the SUPER MAN is well it has finally arrived. Unfortunately we have not been fortunate to locate blue tobiko as of yet,...

06th Nov 2012

*NEW* “dr. octopus”

what’s in this thing!? white tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber rolled and topped with octopus, crunchy tempura flakes, eel sauce & spicy mayo! that sounds so yummy ! how much is...

06th Nov 2012

“super hamachi”

  what’s inside !? shrimp, avocado and cucumber wrapped w/ yellowtail and finished w/ super hamachi sauce . if you love sushi, strong flavors and a little bit of spicy...

06th Nov 2012


*whats in this bad boy!? eel tempura, cucumber, jalapeno, rolled topped with spicy crab meat, spicy mayo, eel sauce and then block tobiko with wasabi mayo as his web! intense...

06th Nov 2012

*NEW* “The Thing”

what does this roll have!? spicy salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado and rolled topped with spicy crab meat all three tasty sauces and then ikura eggs w/scallions ! amazing !...

31st Aug 2012

New Rolls!

introducing some new rolls to our all ready extensive selection! Miguel has always been a big fan of super heroes and he has created some new rolls to reflect these...