*whats in this bad boy!? eel tempura, cucumber, jalapeno, rolled topped with spicy crab meat, spicy mayo, eel sauce and then block tobiko with wasabi mayo as his web!

intense right !?

how much is this think!? – $12.95

the VENOM is a special roll we have created to tip the scales of all these super heroes! right now this has become a fan favorite for all eel and jalapeno lovers ! whats good about the venom is the experience as you are having it. the best way to describe the adventure is you first take that bite you taste the spicy crab meat on top and then the famous eel and spicy mayo sauce hits you! as as you close in for another chomp you taste the wasabi mayo with the taste of this great eel flavor! the tempura stands out with the sweet taste of eel sauces then the bite finishes with a kick of spice! there the jalapeno is!


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