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Thanks again to Boylan Catholic for a great review that we enjoyed!

One of my favorite things about Rockford, Illinois, is its vast spectrum of Japanese restaurants. We have JMK Nippon, Shogun, and the lesser known yet equally great: Spider Sushi Bar.

Although the experience at Spider Sushi Bar is spectacular, it may not begin that way. When you arrive at its location on 4415 Harrison Avenue, you are greeted with the dodging of many potholes, but it gets better. With the opening of the door, you step into a friendly and intimate restaurant.

Spider Sushi is owned by Miguel Rubi, who worked as a sushi chef at JMK for more than 20 years. Just as a TV show spin off would be, Spider Sushi Bar is similar to JMK Nippon in many ways. Spider Sushi’s similarities begin in its food selec- tion: the popular “Japanese soda,” shrimp shumai, and special sauces, but some of its sushi is alike, too.

Spider Sushi Bar’s sushi list is long but delicious. I tried many of the same rolls I love at JMK, such as the “California Roll” and “Spicy Spider Roll.” All of these similarities end with Spider Sushi’s greatest rolls: “Arizona,” spicy yellow tail, scal- lions, and masago (type of fish egg); “Yammi Yammi Roll,” shrimp, cucumber, tuna, mango, spicy mayo, and tobiko (another type of fish egg); “Deluxe Roll,” king crab, avocado, mango, tuna, and tobiko; and the “Dynamite Roll,” spicy shrimp, asparagus, avo- cado, cucumber, wasabi, and jalapeno.

Just like many other sushi places, the ultimate price for dinner might be fairly high, but it is definitely worth it. Another perk besides the excellent food is that the restaurant delivers! Check out Spider Sushi Bar on 4415 Harrison Avenue, here in Rockford.

By: Jill Deutsch

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